Ann’so M

Ann’so M in Landmarks


An energic pop-rock duet, led by an artist who can somewhat let you think of a French Pat Benatar.

Many concerts in prisons, festivals, cafe-concerts…


Prestigious collaborations including a nervous track that has profited from the talent of no one less than Louis Bertignac


Catchy riffs and a groaning six strings, all led by the voice of a flayed alive with a committed pen.



“This is for example a catchy riff and a groaning six strings that open for the EP with the track “Je cours et je marche au pas” (also in video). It also sounds very good during “Dans des artères” and “Ma peau”. The talent still comes from the voice of flayed alive probably pretty politically committed if we consider her lyrics. She does not want in any case to be confined to the boilerplate ritornellos easily listenable on radios that neither you nor I listen.”

Le Parisien (French general daily newspaper)


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